A word from Anne, Photographer & Owner of STJ Creative Photography:

Living on this tourism-sustained island where locals are few and far in between, I often get asked, “How did you end up here?” And the answer is simple really- I followed the advice I've been getting my whole life from my elders, teachers, trusted advisers, and parents: follow your dreams. So I did, all the way to the beautiful island of St. John.

I knew the moment I stepped foot in the warm, white sand and gazed at the landscape around me that could only be described as a dream that I was…home. As the sun beat down on my skin and my ears filled with sounds of the ocean, my soul found instant peace. Having lived on St. John once before, and leaving to finish my college education, I knew exactly what I was missing the years I remained in the States pursuing jobs in the field of photography. After finally landing my dream job in Fort Lauderdale in 2011, and after months of learning editing software, piles of camera equipment, business strategies, and more, I dreamt up STJ Creative while I sat at my 9-to-5 desk. I manifested existence out of possibility, and once again chose to turn my dreams into reality.

Within a few months, I moved back to St. John to pursue my two main passions: Island life and creative photography. I’m originally from the Midwest, born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and graduated from St. Louis University with a BA in Creative & Professional Writing. To those who have not yet been fortunate enough to know some true Mid-westerners, we are honest, hard-working, and value our families as well as yours. We say hello to everyone we pass on the street or in the sand. We help our neighbors and friends without a second thought. Most importantly, we aim to please those around us. A Midwestern girl to the bone, I want nothing more than to capture the finest moments of people’s everyday lives, including my own.

An exciting new chapter of my career has just begun as well: I am now shooting weddings in Europe!!  Just returned from shooting two months abroad there, where I fell in love with the culture, the light, the entire way of life. The almond croissants, endless cups of divine coffee, and picturesque castle that I stayed in for those two months, definitely helped to capture my heart. Couldn't be more excited about expanding to another continent. A fairytale  dream come true! 

To my future visitors and clients, I hope to capture your smiles and experiences through my lens, and look forward to making your memories stand still for a lifetime. I really am blessed to call my passion my 'job', and I hope that is apparent by looking through my work, and reading my words.